The Company

Kick It Up Designs was started in 2016 in beautiful Colorado. From the beginning the the concept has been to create amazing websites for everyone! Technology can be confusing, but we want to help everyone be able to have the websites they need. Too many companies charge too much because it’s simply confusing, not because it’s hard for them to do. Our company is fair and understands how hard it is for small businesses. We’ll work with you to create a project that is within your budget and will still blow your customers away!


The Owner

Joey Overby, has been working in the software development industry since 2003. During this time he’s worked for companies such as Agilent and Microsoft. He graduated with honors from Colorado State University in 2006 and finished his Masters of Science Degree in 2015. He’s also worked in the Martial Arts industry opening school’s in Colorado. His Windsor location was awarded Rookie School of the Year by the American Taekwondo Association. For Martial Arts schools he understands what it takes to run a school day to day and also has the technical background to help make it possible.

While running a small business he was constantly plagued by calls from companies like Yahoo who were trying to sell him SEO, website upgrades, etc.  The prices were far too high for what the work actually entailed and he realized that many people pay for it simply because they don’t have the time or understand how to do it. This led him to create a website design company that would charge fairly for the work and at the same time have far better and more personal designs.